About ME

About ME

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Lori Holbrook and I am the creator of the CHAT Bag.  How did we get to using the iPad as a tool for communication and learning for our daughter?  Here is a summary of our journey:

Our daughter, Hannah, was born in 2003 with Down Syndrome.  At age 4 Hannah received the diagnosis of Autism.  At age 7 Hannah was diagnosed with Apraxia.  Hannah early on communicated with sign language, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System, and the Go Talk 9.  The iPad was introduced to Hannah at age 7 and 2 years later it has been a true blessing.  Hannah is requesting food, toys, places to go, identifying colors, money, and much more.  Hannah also orders her own food at McDonald’s independently!!!

When Hannah received the iPad there did not seem to be a functional carrying bag for individuals with special needs.  What do I mean by functional?  Well, most cases had to be unbuttoned or unzipped and this can be a difficult and time-consuming process for people with special needs.  With the help of my mother-in-law the CHAT Bag came to life.  The CHAT Bag is soft and stylish bag, with adjustable straps, and the screen is exposed at ALL times for easy “functional” access!!.

Check us out online:

We have lots of fabric styles to choose from.  All CHAT Bags currently fit the Apple iPad.  Do you have another computer tablet?  No problem.  You can place a special order for a CHAT Bag and we can customize it to fit your tablet.


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